The new tax reform law includes winners and losers by Jeffrey Unalp, CPA

Employers who for their convenience provided business meals for their employees are losers—50 percent losers to start and then total losers later.
Meal costs that were 100 percent deductible for perhaps a half century or more are now limited to 50 percent, and that 50 percent becomes a big fat zero deduction beginning January 1, 2026.
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What Goes into a Successful Succession Plan by Rena McDonald

If you have your own business, you may wish to keep the business within your family or sell it, before or after you pass away. Regardless of which option you choose, careful planning will ensure the business can stay up and running. It is critical to establish new owners and identify key individuals who can assume executive and managerial duties, including family members. The overarching goal is to choose the most capable individuals to run the business.

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Top 4 New Employment Laws for California Employers By James Wu

This year, the California Legislature introduced a whopping 2,495 bills – and hundreds of these had to do with labor and employment issues.  Governor Brown signed many into law on October 15, 2017. Here are the top 4 new laws for 2018:

“BAN THE BOX” – Criminal Conviction History

Los Angeles and San Francisco already had local ordinances prohibiting employers for asking about criminal histories before a job is offered to an applicant. This new law (AB 1008) applies similar requirements upon employers statewide.

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How do we protect ourselves from theft and embezzlement? by Marcy Maslov

You’ve got a stack of customer invoices to create and bills to pay, all sitting patiently on your desk waiting for your attention.  You dread this time of the month because numbers are just not your thing.  You hate how long it takes to get the paperwork taken care of, and you don’t understand the results your bookkeeper gives you.  It just looks like a list of numbers on a page that has no relation to the activities you’ve completed during the month.

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Trustegrity Business Networking Franchise by "Business Reviews For You"

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Are You Experienced? By Preston Sumner

Jimi Hendrix unknowingly posed an important business process question in 1967 as the title to a song and his debut album. An earlier article, “If It’s Not a Process, It’s a Problem,” discussed the importance of processes. This article will discuss how we go about developing good processes. Any good process begins with experiences. Experiences are an accumulation of encountered events. If, and only if, one gains skill or knowledge from those experiences can they lay claim to experience.

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Do you consider yourself trustworthy? What does being trustworthy mean? Take a quick test to find out your Trustworthy Score! By Gary Laney

Are you trustworthy? Are you someone that others can place their trust in and have confidence that their trust in you will not be betrayed? While most people may consider themselves trustworthy, others may have a different opinion. Trust or the lack of trust can have a large impact on many aspects of your life and business such as personal and business reputation, relationships, team effectiveness, customer loyalty, financial support and so on.

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Equifax Data Breach Announced....for you and your clients By Michael Neill

As many of you are aware Equifax has announced that cybercriminals have exploited a vulnerability in their website, allowing them to gain access to certain files. The information stolen includes names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses.

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Keep the Change By Josh Norris

This blog article is called Keep the Change.  We’re going to talk about setting an advertising budget, making changes to your advertising, and having consistent presence with y

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Putting Together the Pieces of the Performance Puzzle: Skill and Will - by Preston Sumner

In an earlier article (click here) I talked about the importance of practice to develop skills. There is another dimension to performance in addition to skill and knowledge…WILL. Max Landsberg presented the Skill/Will Matrix in his book The Tao of Coaching. In a future article I will discuss the broader application of his matrix.
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