By Gary Laney, CEO Trustegrity

What methods do you use to improve effectiveness in your work to improve results and performance?

Many people I've known would say that if you want to take your professional performance to the next level you should increase your level of activity. To me that means working more hours, making more calls and seeing more clients.

While it's true that in order to improve results, you need to work on things you can control such as increased effort, I would add that you need to work on being more effective in those activities. For example, before making a call to a prospective client, take time to research your client to understand his/her background, identify problems and opportunities that this person or their company may be experiencing and prepare a custom approach based upon the client needs. If a client feels you know their situation and issues and have solutions and products that can benefit them, especially relating to expansion of their business or improving their bottom line profit, then you have a much better opportunity of winning their attention and potentially their business.

Leveraging your close contacts to get warm introductions to a prospective client is another example of improving effectiveness in your activities.