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Today I want to talk about “Why you must belong to a business group,” if you want to grow your referrals and increase your network. There are a lot of different ways for people to go out and find new connections and network with people but the one problem with not being part of an actual group is it’s not going to be systematic.

You always hear this when it comes to business that the more systems you can create, the more chances you have for success. So that is also true for networking. You want to have a system for networking and building your network. And when you are part of a group that means you are going to be meeting, on a regular basis, with some of the same people and there would be some new people that are introduced to the group as time goes on, but it’s going to be a systematic process and a systematic approach to building your network.

There’s also a great value in being part of the network. You are actually growing your reach in the business community, you are meeting new people, you are connected to new people and you are meeting with them on a regular basis. I believe that the best business groups meet once a month, instead of meeting every week. I think there are some groups out there that meet every week but I think that’s a little bit paranoid as if, you know if you are not meeting somebody every Tuesday then they are going to forget about you. I don’t think that’s necessary. I think that’s too much.

For example, the network group that I have co-founded – Trustegrity, we meet once a month. I think that’s really efficient and you know, it’s not too redundant. I don’t think it makes sense for people to meet every Thursday of the month.

So I believe that if you meet with your group once a month that is going to be just fine, but it’s not enough for you to go to, let’s say, a chamber meeting and you meet somebody once a year, or you just meet somebody once. A lot of people think that if you are going to meet somebody once, then six months from now they will remember you or a year from now. If they need a web designer, oh, they will remember you because they met you last December, but that’s so not true. It is so not true.

You really need to meet people on a regular basis and that’s why you need to be part of a group, you meet people on a regular basis is much better than going to six different groups a year, and you just meet them once a year, because honestly nobody’s going to remember you.

People meet so many other people. If you meet somebody once, I mean honestly if you think about how many people you have met in the last 12 months that you only met once; then how many do you actually remember what they do, what their name is, how to get in touch with them. It just does not work that way.

When you are a part of an actual group, you actually can team up with others, so you actually can develop a smaller power networking group. So let’s say you have a really good connection with somebody or a few people in your group, then you can actually meet more than once a month – maybe, you know, in addition to those meetings, you can meet them once a quarter for lunch and just talk about what’s up with your business, what’s new in your business, how you can help each other, if you introduce a new service, if there’s something new that you should know about the other person’s business? And you also want to be able to refer business to others, because really networking and referrals come down to “How can I help you?” as opposed to “How come nobody’s helping me?” So you really have to have that attitude of wanting to help others.

When you are a part of a group, let’s say you are a web designer, and there are attorneys in the group, accountants, consultants, other business service providers; when you can help them by introducing them to your clients or your network, you really are helping them to remember you and that is how you are actually going to be referred to and that is how you are going to get new business and new prospects, leads, etc. But you really want to use that group to help them and you want to introduce them to your network and work with them together as opposed to just showing up to a meeting and complaining how nobody helps you and nobody loves you anymore. So that’s really not what you want to do. You want to always remember “How can I help these people?” “How can I refer to them?” and you may not always be able to – That’s OK but when you can, do!

Another thing that we do in our networking group, in Trustegrity is that we have a roundtable discussion every month and it’s about a variety of different business topics. It could be about marketing, it could be about entering new markets, it could be about LinkedIn; you know whatever is relevant to people in business that want to succeed and we are doing that because we want to learn from each other.

I think that in a group of 20-30 professionals with experience, there’s a lot of knowledge that we can use and help each other with. And I think when you are a part of a business group that should also be the goal. I don’t like to go to groups that are all just pitch, pitch, pitch, buy from me, buy from me, why aren’t you buying from me. I like groups where people are trying to get business, but at the same time, they are really trying to help each other and learn from each other.

When you are in a group of business people, that cares about the others and really knows the others; you can actually connect with them, trust each other and like each other then referrals will come. It’s really a natural process. People want to refer others to you if they like you and trust you. So you don’t constantly have to pitch what you do and that’s why I think it is very important to have a round table kind of setting in a group, because it really helps you to teach and learn from each other, which in my opinion is a very important part of networking and being in a business group.

So just to reiterate of what we have talked about are some of the top reasons why you want to become part of a networking group or a business group is because you want to be systematic, you don’t want to be reactive, you want to be proactive and you know that it has to be done on a regular basis and the best way to do it is if you actually are a part of an organized networking group. You value the network, you value growing your referrals, you value the people that you meet with and you want them to trust you, know you and like you and you understand that’s how they are going to be able to refer business to you. You understand that it is a team effort and you want to grow that team of business people that you belong to and be able to refer to each other.

And to find out more about an outstanding group of people, a real community of people that are dedicated to help each other succeed, visit us at and this is George Meszaros, the co-founder of Trustegrity.

Thanks a lot for listening.