By Deziree Slusher Women's Health Coach

When I was a child, I played sports and that kept me lean. But nutrition was hit or miss.

At my grandparents, we had home cooked meals three times a day. These were nutrient dense meals with chicken, rice, veggies, eggs, Spam or hash. Junk food was a treat that had to be earned.

But when I lived with my mom, life and work got in the way of nutrition. Everything was from a box—lots of starchy, frozen meals or fast, fried food. Frozen pizza and Pringles were a nutritious dinner. And Burger King was often our breakfast of choice.

Those bad habits caught up to me later in life. And the hustle bustle of work and kids can have us grabbing for what’s convenient rather than what’s nutritious.

Here’s a solution that’ll break you of those bad habits:

Buy precooked chicken breast, a bag of green beans, some nuts and a piece of fruit for a quick, simple meal.

It’s so simple you won’t make a mess in the kitchen! And there are a ton of services that will deliver a health meal to your work or home.

Soon you’ll be eating healthier without the hassle of spending hours in the kitchen.


Deziree 'Dezi' Slusher

Online Women's Health Coach