Trustegrity is an invitation only membership community for entrepreneurs, professionals, and trusted advisors dedicated to success. Trustegrity provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.
Trustegrity is a professional business community not just a networking group. There are many networking groups that are about quantity while Trustegrity is about quality. There are networking groups and there are business roundtable groups. Trustegrity combines networking and business roundtable discussions for the benefit of its members.
Trustegrity members are entrepreneurs, professionals, and trusted advisors.  Examples of member professions are business owners, attorneys, accounting, audit and tax professionals, banking and finance professionals, business and management consultants, financial service providers, insurance and investment management professionals, doctors, executive coaches, marketing, advertising, PR, and social media experts, and luxury real estate and commercial real estate and more.
It is easier to succeed as part of a community of professionals dedicated to help each other succeed. Although referrals can be a significant result of being a Trustegrity member, we are much more than a referrals group. Our roundtable discussions provide peer-to-peer brainstorm knowledge sharing opportunity. Our meetings are designed for the busy professional. Groups meet once a month early in the morning, so they don't take away from your time at the office. Meetings include an opportunity for higher-level networking, business roundtable discussions, sharing of resources and contacts. Moreover, you are not limited to visiting just one group. Beyond your home group, you can visit any other Trustegrity  group up to three times per year. There are also opportunities to connect with members in several U.S. states. Members are allowed participation in up to 24 group meetings per year, 12 group meetings and 12 Power meetings. Every member also has access to our online member directory.
Networking is part of our mission, but we are not just about networking. Our members join because of the networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.
Trustegrity groups meet once a month in a group setting. The meetings are from 7:30 am to 9:00 am. Each meeting starts with networking. Then, there is the self introduction section of the meeting. Each meeting also includes a roundtable discussion about various business topics. At the end of the meeting members schedule a Power Meeting.
Power Meetings are essential to the Trustegrity experience. At the end of each monthly meeting members schedule a meeting with 3-4 other members. Power Meetings last for about one hour and generally happen over breakfast, lunch, or coffee. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an environment for members to further build their professional relationships with each other on a more personal level.  Power meetings allow members to develop deeper relationships so that business can be referred in a trusted environment. During this smaller meeting members generally share business cards, discuss their businesses and describe what their ideal client looks like.
We encourage our members to attend every month. We understand that periodic scheduling conflicts would prevent members to miss some meetings. Every member is expected to attend at least 10-meetings per year.
Trustegrity grows through referrals and members are encouraged to bring guests. Members should refer their guest to complete our Guest Invitation Form.
Trustegrity membership is only $800 per year if paid up front or $75 per month when paying monthly. Becoming a member is one of the most cost effective way for you to network with great quality people and to belong to a group dedicated to help each other succeed.
The more you participate in round table discussions, the more you extend yourself to the group members, the more you get out of the program. We encourage 100% participation in each discussion. We want each member to feel comfortable with sharing their ideas in all group discussions.
Trustegrity encourages members to do business with each other, however, our members agree to a non-solicitation policy. We believe that referrals will flow among our members as a result of their involvement within our community; therefore, our members agree not to directly solicit each other.
Trustegrity facilitates the platform for its members to network, share knowledge and to help each other succeed. Your involvement and your interactions with others will have an impact on your experience within the Trustegrity community. We encourage our members to stay active within our community, most importantly attend as many of your group’s meetings as possible.
Prospective members may visit one meeting prior to applying for membership.
You can complete our contact form or call 800-878-1976.