Message from the CEO

Trustegrity - A higher level of professional networking!

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A unique approach. Our networking organization is unique from others that you may have heard of.  First our members can join by invitation only.  Next, our groups are not just about providing referrals, but are committed to helping each other succeed. Our members are leaders in their field who join for the opportunity to develop deep rooted business relationships, who want the opportunity to share knowledge, who want to increase their influence in the business community and who believe that belonging to a higher level, senior group of business people and trusted advisors will give them an edge in their industry.  To preview what members are saying, visit our testimonial page at

More than referral sharing. Though referral sharing is a regular activity, we focus more of our attention on developing a real business community, emphasizing long term relationships and having discussions about key business topics. The core of each meeting is an interactive discussion of an important business topic that relates to the members of each group. After each group meeting members are also assigned to smaller groups that meet for lunch or dinner to foster relationship building and gaining trust so that bigger things can happen than just a casual referral. Though referral sharing definitely transpires in our groups, the collaboration, confiding and knowledge sharing is a higher priority. 

Time is money. At Trustegrity we are making it easier for busy professionals to be involved with us.   We meet monthly, earlier in the morning (7:30am-9am). Next, our extended business network has more than 10,000 business professionals, executives and business owners around the world, currently in 85 countries. Trustegrity members get access to that network.  Finally, we will be offering business tools that our members are excited about including marketing, lead management, coaching as well as a knowledge center that will allow you to gain visibility into group discussions even when you are not present.

Get invited. If our unique business community approach appeals to you, we encourage you to request a guest invitation to a local roundtable meeting (see link below).  If we don't yet have a group in your area and you want to help us start a group, please contact us.  Request a guest invitation:

We look forward to hearing from you and having you attend one of our upcoming meetings. 

All the best!

Gary Laney

CEO - Trustegrity