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Member Name: Debbie Harris, MA
Profession: Consulting & Service
Business Specialty: Digital Marketing
Business Name: Performance Intermedia, LLC
City: Las Vegas
State: NV

Business Overview:

We are executive marketing consultants working with business owners, company executives and their staffs to educate them on the new breed of digital/social marketing.

We assist business owners and professionals in understanding and effectively utilzing social media.  It is an ever changing landscape and there is so much information out there that we find most business owners are pulling their hair out about social media.  It is no longer an option and yet, it still seems to be a black hole for many.  We can help!
We will analyze all of your current marketing during our Marketing Makeover and prepare a detailed report with observations and recommendations.  If needed, we can migrate your website to a more relevant, modern, mobile friendly WordPress platform or create a completely new WordPress website for you.  We always have our clients own their own websites and we train you on how to use it.  
We can provide content assistance for your website, blogs and email marketing.  This is done in close collaboration with our clients so that their "voice" is what comes through. 
LinkedIn is the online professional platform where you can develop new clients, customers and strategic partners.  Our LinkedIn Profile Optimization will get you looking your best when people "check you out" and they will. We will show you how to use LinkedIn to grow your client base and strategic partners who can refer new clients and customers to you. 
We will manage and develop social media channels for clients; social media marketing strategy; posting on social media; reputation management; social media campaigns with advertising; LinkedIn profile optimization and integration of your traditional marketing plan with your social media presence.  Our social media marketing campaigns with social media ads bring new clients and customers to you. 
I have a Masters in Social Media Compliance & the Law which focused on issues concerning, free speech, privacy and Industry specific compliance such as HIPAA, FINRA, Bar Assocations, etc. Professionals need to understand social media while maintaining compliance within their respective industries.
As social media strategists, we consult and train for profit and not for profit staff  to enable the organizastion to effectively use social media for branding, increased donations/clients and public awareness of their products and/or services.  Best practices are communicated so that every facet of the organization understands the proper use of social media.

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Linkedin Profile Optimization and Training

Debbie is amazing!!! I am not as computer savvy as a lot of people, I don't understand so much social media and she helped me create an amazing linkedin profile. She took the time to explain everything step by step, she was very knowledgable about what she does,very very helpful and insightful in what should be created and why. Our whole two hour session was recorded so that when I need to go back in the future to do something on my profile, I have everything we went through. She had an funny, warm and intelligent personality! I will be referring anybody I know who may need her services. I have yet to meet someone with her knowledge and experience with how and why social media works!!! Tammie Roitman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Health & Behavioral Disorders

LinkedIn Training to Engage Referral Partners and get Business

WOW, I have known Debbie and her company for a while and thought that updating my profile on LinkedIn was something I could easily do myself; however after meeting with her, she impressed me with her knowledge and the tools on how to effectively update our profile, as well as the results it will create for our company. She also went the extra mile and gave us useful tools to effectively market our company and services through LinkedIn. Renato Ritter, Quick Claim USA

Understanding & Using Social Media

Debbie is fantastic, I am a real novice on social media and, like many of us, overwhelmed by the whole process. She made if easy for me, and the traction I am getting in just a few short weeks is amazing. If you need help with social media, Debbie is the "go to" person! Linda Lysakowski, Author, Speaker, Non-Profit Consultant,

Social Media for Financial Professionals

Debbie is a Social Marketing guru. I've been so impressed by her professionalism and expertise. Thank you Debbie , Cindy Birkland, Senior Marketing Director, Retirement Specialist, Retiring America

Social Media Coaching

Hi Debbie. I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful preparation you did in advance of our online meeting. You made it easy for us to get on the same page. We built from my strengths and I learned things about social media, especially LinkedIn, that I really need to know and that will make a difference in my practice. We not only shared screens, we shared ideas. Thanks, Steven Meyers, CEO, Personalized Philanthropy

Debbie Harris - Keynote Speaker

Social Media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Strategy, Marketing

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Social Media Keynote Speaker
Social media is no longer an option. I enjoy teaching professionals, business owners and organizations, both for profit and not for profit how to integrate this essential marketing tool. It can be fun, easy and reap great results for your business.

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