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Member Name: Dida Clifton
Profession: Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Business Specialty: Bookkeeping and small biz management
Business Name: TheOfficeSquad®
City: Las Vegas
State: NV

Business Overview:

What if every small business owner had all the support of a corporate headquarters from the beginning? 

  1. A professional place to meet with clients and work.
  2. Phones and a competent someone to answer them.
  3. Professional mail service and someone to process it.
  4. The technology, software, and licenses needed to securely run the business from anywhere.
  5. An accounting department.
  6. A payroll department and advisors.
  7. A trained and supervised administrative assistant.
  8. A marketing department.
  9. A office manager to manage it all so that they could focus on growing their business.


TheOfficeSquad is a 16 year old firm that supports entrepreneurs and small business owners with secure solutions to their back office needs. A true virtual office. We provide full charge bookkeeping, admin support, live phone answering, mail service, and the staff to manage it. All this joined together with our own remote cloud services; including hosted Quick Books.


Memberships to the flight starting at $75 a month. No contracts.


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