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Member Name: Gary Laney
Profession: Consulting & Service
Business Specialty: Business Networking Member Services
Business Name: Trustegrity
City: San Ramon
State: CA

Business Overview:

My name is Gary Laney and I am the President and CEO of Trustegrity. 

Trustegrity was started to build a higher level professional networking community built on real connections. We wanted to create a safe environment where our members could build meaning business relationships with each other.

If you have been out there networking, you have probably experienced uncomfortable situations where people were constantly trying to sell you their services. While our members are encouraged to do business with each other we do not solicit each other directly. There is no need for direct solicitations in a group of people you know and trust. Referrals, networking, and introductions are a natural progression of real professional relationships.

We started Trustegrity because I believe there is a better way for professionals, trusted advisors, and entrepreneurs to connect, network and collaborate with each other. Trustegrity is much more than a networking group or a business referral organization. While referrals are important our meetings include roundtable discussions on various business topics. The roundtable discussions are designed to enable our members to help each other with various business issues. I am building a business organization with members that really care about their peers.

Why Trustegrity?

Trustegrity is dedicated to helping trusted advisors, professionals, and entrepreneurs succeed through meaningful professional connections. When you become a Trustegrity member you are part of the community.

Referrals - Get more clients and grow your business through referrals.
Connect - Build new business connections.
Confide - Share and learn about industry trends.
Collaborate - Partner with others to help you and others reach their goals.

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For more than 35 years, Gary has been actively networking and has established contacts predominantly in the U.S. but also worldwide in nearly 100 countries. Gary as the head of Trustegrity believes that quality networking starts with developing engaging and meaningful relationships which must be built on trust.


A dynamic speaker, recognized as a top sales presenter, motivating audiences from personal experience as a manager, sales person and executive. Spoke professionally for four years, presenting to more than 100,000 business professionals and attendees more than 45 states in the U.S.


Four-time VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, established a reputation for turning average organizations into top producing organizations. Gary has recruited and managed more than 1500 sales and support people in his career.

Trustegrity - Higher Level Networking

PROBLEM/NEEDS: Experienced professionals such as attorneys, accountants, consultants, realtors, insurance agents, bankers and business owners, were looking for a serious business community where groups contained other experienced professionals, who wanted to create meaningful relationships and who cared about helping each other succeed.
SOLUTION: While referrals are important to our members, we have a different focus of Connecting, Confiding and Collaborating. Our meetings include roundtable discussions on various business topics. The roundtable discussions are designed to enable our members to help each other with various business issues
RESULTS: Trustegrity was formed to create professional, higher level networking groups with objectives to Connect with other experienced professionals at a higher level, Confide or be able to share knowledge in an environment of trust and Collaborate or establish long-term meaningful relationships where the group members are dedicated to help each other succeed.

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