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Member Name: Josh Norris
Profession: Marketing
Business Specialty: Digital Marketing | Web Design | PPC | SEO
Business Name: Aftershock Digital
City: Tempe
State: AZ

Business Overview:

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Aftershock Digital focuses on  helping companies with there online lead generation from quality  sources.    Aftershock Digital works with businesses to develop a website  that is user friendly with a conversion focus.  To increase web traffic to clients websites, Aftershock Digital implements comprehensive PPC and SEO strategies.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Website Design

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Challenges - Lack of Experience

PROBLEM/NEEDS: Aftershock Digital is one of Arizona’s top digital marketing and advertising companies providing services in Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix. At Aftershock, we empower Arizona businesses by becoming their marketing department without the stiff price of staffing a department. Most business owners go into business for themselves because of a passion for a product or service they provide, the entrepreneurial spirit to want to work for themselves, and to create a great business. Although these business owners are experts in their field, many times they lack the experience or time to create an effective marketing plan and put it into action.
SOLUTION: Digital solves this problem for companies by giving them a strong marketing plan and making adjustments to current campaigns. Aftershock Digital provides solutions including: Graphic Design, SEO, SEM, Social Media Strategy, Website Design, Text and Email Marketing. Our strategic approach will generate results for you company almost immediately!
RESULTS: If you're ready to take your business to the next level or would look more information, please call 480.612.5607 or email us today.

Aftershock Digital

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