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Member Name: Preston Sumner
Profession: Consulting & Service
Business Specialty: CEO Peer Groups
Business Name: CEO Focus of Nevada
City: Las Vegas
State: NV

Business Overview:

CEO Focus works with CEOs and Business Owners to understand the critical importance of long term goals and to develop a strategic rhythm to stay focused on those long term goals.

We all recognize that the urgent tactical issues often force aside the important strategic issues. CEO Focus offers a methodology to strike an effective balance between the urgent and the important.

Formed in 2001, CEO Focus is a national organization with groups in about 30 major cities across the country. Members participate in monthly peer group meetings facilitated by their group advisor in addition to one on one meetings with the advisor each month. Members benefit from the collective wisdom of their peer group, the experience of the group advisor, and the accountability to which all group members are held.

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Preston has been an executive officer in privately and publicly held corporations, from start-ups to $255 million revenue/6,000 employee businesses. He has coached, mentored, and learned from employees across all business functions. Adapting his communications style to the people he deals with is central to his leadership approach.

Team Building

Effective teams are built on a diversity of perspectives, expertise, and experiences. Successful teams combine this diversity with a common set of goals and values. Preston has consistently applied this philosophy to the teams he has led with profitable results.

Strategic Thinking

Too many businesses focus on annual strategic planning then find themselves caught up in the daily fire-fighting of running a business. Preston leads by driving an organization's focus to a common vision of where they have agreed to go. That is strategic thinking and it is an ongoing process and not an annual exercise.

Management Systems

PROBLEM/NEEDS: The company had grown dramatically by rapid response to customer needs. However this rapid growth had added layers to the management structure and the culture of responsiveness had been diluted.
SOLUTION: Preston brought together a team which designed a management system to institutionalize a customer-centric culture. The system drew on values and principles that had been the basis for the company's early growth. It incorporated processes to engage people across the new levels of the organization. This removed roadblocks to the communication of customer needs and brought out innovative ideas for improving service delivery.
RESULTS: After the previous 2 years of revenue decline, sales grew at over 12% the next 2 years while operating margins grew 30%. Employee turnover declined by over 20%.

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