San Diego has a thriving economy with a diverse range of industries, including biotech, defense, and tourism. Additionally, San Diego is home to several world-renowned universities and research institutions, which can provide a talented pool of employees and potential collaborators. 

The San Diego Trustegrity members embraces the quality of life combined with the unlimited commercial opportunities that the region offers.  Learn more about our dynamic, growth-oriented members by clicking on the groups below.



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David Alexander

Trustegrity CEO and Global Connector
David is the CEO and a Global Connector for Trustegrity.  Since 1998 with High Achievers and 2012 with Trustegrity, David has led a powerful team to help leaders connect, confide, and collaborate. Both organizations help leaders, entrepreneurs, and business advisors build the business and life of their dreams. High Achievers® provides a forum for knowledge sharing, accountability, and peer support. Trustegrity® provides an efficient forum for leaders to connect, confide, and collaborate in a trusted environment.

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