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Thankful for Our Trusted Relationships

The holiday season is typically a time to give thanks and express gratitude in our personal lives. However, gratitude in our professional world is also essential as it satisfies a individual sense of belonging. The appreciation of our relationships provides a feeling greater than ourselves. Being part of an organization where you feel appreciated, valued, and respected creates a desire to reach your fullest potential.

Gratitude goes hand in hand with the act of giving recognition. When we recognize one another, it makes us even more appreciative and inspires the person we’ve thanked to give that feeling to someone else, leading to a chain of increased morale, energy, and engagement – all of which directly influence network growth, performance, and trust. In effect, the result is a ripple of acknowledgment and appreciation that surges forward, transforming and inspiring us.

When recognition is offered frequently, the impact of that positive reinforcement is even greater. While people can underestimate the impact of showing their gratitude, it’s actually contagious and can absolutely transform a network. It makes us authentic, creating a powerful human connection between the giver and the receiver. Praise creates a virtuous cycle – the more you give, the more you enhance your own supply. When done right, praise primes the brain for higher performance. In other words, the more we praise our connections, the more success we create. And the more successes there are, the more there is to praise. The more you can authentically shine praise on everyone in your network, the more your own potential will grow.

Steve Landrum

In this month’s Member Spotlight, we are delighted to share a few words about our friend – Jon Welch. If someone were asked to describe Jon, the words “loyal” and “steadfast” come to mind. He is quick to mention that he has been a Trustegrity member in the Bay Area for about 10 years continuously and finds great value in the familiar environment that allows him to share ideas about solving problems while also celebrating successes among those in his group. Jon is a Sales Director with TASC, and he helps a range of brokers, providers and clients develop and manage employee benefit programs. Just as in his regular work activities, he describes his personal satisfaction of being able to make introductions between fellow Trustegrity members, many of which become long-term advisors and friends. And that mindset is most clearly demonstrated by the fact that, years ago, he actually introduced Laurie Pearce to Trustegrity, and from that initial introduction she is now a very active Regional Connector in the company. We are proud to spotlight Jon, but more importantly, we value his active involvement as one of our most tenured members.


During this holiday season and throughout the year - give the gift of a guest invitation to your trusted advisors so they can experience and enjoy The Power to Grow at an upcoming Trustegrity meeting. Visit to find upcoming Events and have your guests complete the registration form. It's that easy!


Coming soon to the Membership Portal - the new Wiki of Trustegrity! Coming soon you will see a step-by-step how-to on all features that are available as a Trustegrity Member.

This will include videos, short paraphrases, and screenshots outlining how to click through each feature. We look forward to providing you with the necessary resources to navigate the membership portal flawlessly! Happy Holidays!


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