Telling the Trustegrity story is essential to the growth and success of the organization. Our members tell our story best, as they describe unique experiences that have helped them solved their unique challenges while also enjoying building strong, trusted relationships that continue to drive mutual success.  Read and watch these members share their stories about embracing The Power to Grow with Trustegrity.

“Trustegrity is the right formula for me. I have visited many, many groups in Atlanta, GA. I found in Trustegrity the right frequency, the mix of professionals, and price. Trustegrity has a fantastic format they everyone can get behind and be excited about!”

Steve Landrum

Etowah Sales Solutions, LLC

“The Trustegrity format fosters a friendly, informative environment that gives members the confidence to refer others in the group. Breaking off into smaller Power Meetings then kick starts the process of relationship building, making connections even stronger. A Trustegrity connection led to a mutually beneficial relationship between us and another agency, and, ultimately was a spark that led to a new client.”

Jonathan Forstot

Owner, MiresBall

My experience with Trustegrity has been very good.  I have met some great people and have gotten to know many of them much better thru the PowerMeetings.  I am hopeful that these relationships that I am building will turn into long-lasting ones.  I have received a few leads and have given a few as well.  I am optimistic that my participation in Trustegrity will pay off in many ways. 


Colin McTernan

Owner, Premier Office Systems, Inc.

“My impression of this newly formed networking group is that we have tremendous potential to create a cohesive, productive, and a high energy atmosphere to generate business activity among our group members. The caliber of professionalism level in this group was precisely why I decided to “pull the trigger” and invest in the long term success of this venture.

The main reason I see value in this networking group is that you can get business access to people that utilize and heavily rely on IT infrastructure and computers daily that my company may get the opportunity to provide IT support services to them and generate revenue to allow our business operations to proliferate and grow! What more can I say than that!!”


Micheal Long

General Manager, TeamLogic IT

“One of the things I absolutely love is the deep relationship with the other Trustegrity members. I have a few members that are in her Trustegrity Group, East Bay II, we have known each other for two decades. Those deep relationships allow us to connect, confide, and collaborate with each other at a high-level. We have a mix of folks with new members as well. We start at a different level of relationship because we have all those other deeper relations. When we have really great relationships it makes doing business that much easier.”

Maile Collmer

Franchise Owner, Asentiv

“I didn’t expect an invitation to Trustegrity to be such a game-changer for my business, Aftershock Digital. In the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from top professionals and business owners—successful people with years of experience—who have provided pivotal advice to me in key business areas. Since joining Trustegrity at that first meeting, I have grown Aftershock Digital to four times its previous size, and that’s just the beginning; we have exponential growth on the horizon, and more importantly, we are ready for it. If you are a business owner or professional looking to grow your sphere of influence with like-minded peers and mentors, Trustegrity is where you will find them.”

Josh Norris

Aftershock Digital - Digital Marketing

I joined Trustegrity for the high-level professionals it attracts, the valuable mastermind discussions and the ability to connect with members from other groups.

Dana Earhart

Dana Earhart Consulting

Trustegrity provides me the conduit to an elite group of advisors and business owners. The collaboration with these advisors provides not only a pool of great referrals but also seasoned individuals to bounce business strategies off of. Unlike other networking groups, the format of this group promotes connecting, both as a group and one on one. These connections result in relationships, which then result in deeper collaboration and referrals. I am glad I joined Trustegrity.

Staci Scharadin

CFP® Professional, Diamond Wealth Management

“I have been a member of many referral/networking organizations; have been involved with their leadership teams, and always enjoy connecting people and helping others. I could see immediately that not only were the people at Trustegrity of a high caliber but that the agenda of the meetings would allow us to get to know each other in a business and personal way. The discussions are wonderful and the time left at the end for setting up our one to ones motivates us to actually set those up. I am proud to be a member and to continue to refer appropriate people to Trustegrity.”

Debbie Harris

Founder and CEO, Maynestreet Weight Loss

Trustegrity has been a wonderful relationship based, business-building opportunity. I have been in other networking groups and what differentiates Trustegrity is the maturity and professionalism of the members. In the last two years of getting to know the other members, I now have resources and contacts for my clients when a need arises. The knowledge and collective experience of the group is unsurpassed in my experience. For the right small business owner or dedicated professional Trustegrity is a competitive advantage!

Fred Dietzen

Owner, Doctor of Chiropractic

I have been a member of Trustegrity SCO II for about a year now. I am currently the leader of the group and am enjoying the relationships I have been able to foster over the time period in which I have been involved. I have been very fortunate to have already created a level of trust with certain members to the extent that I have received business. There are many options out there in regards to networking opportunities and I continue to be impressed with the Trustegrity model. Returning to Arizona after an 8-year hiatus left my network in less than desirable shape. I needed something to help rebuild and this organization has done that. Thanks to all that have made this possible and I look forward to connecting with more members here in Scottsdale but also in other areas regionally.

Paul Orscheln

Tenant Representation, Commercial Real Esate Advisory Group

I was part of the initial organizing group for the Silicon Valley chapter. Being semi-retired, I spend much of my time helping local non-profit organizations. I have been able to access the skills of my local Trustegrity members to assist these non-profit groups.

Chet Harmer

World-Wide President, BYU Management Society

“The thing I like best about Trustegrity forming deep personal relationships and helping others achieve their goals.”

Laurie Pearce

Centricity Solutions, Inc

I think our group of individuals is very professional and passionate about their work. I  was skeptical at first but the individuals in the group make the difference. I have received one very good referral that turned into a closed $500,000 SBA 7a real estate loan and a $25,000 SBA express line of credit.

Roger E. Unger

SBA Lending, Wells Fargo

Joining Trustegrity has been nothing short of wonderful for both the positive impact it has had on my business as well as the long term business relationships I have built. Ultimately, my mission is to help businesses succeed so that communities can prosper and Trustegrity has played a big supporting role.

Kirk Bennett

Business Advisor, HR Solutions

Trustegrity has been one of the best business referral groups that I’ve joined. It’s been a pleasure to experience the professionalism in the referrals that I’ve received and the one’s that I’ve passed. The support from the organization has made my experience much more enjoyable and beneficial. If you are considering joining a referral network then look no further than your local Trustegrity group.


Steven Rust

Busines Development Manager, Empire West Title Agency

I have been a “net-worker” for the past 10 years, and have been in a variety of groups, clubs, associations, Chambers, etc.  Although I enjoy all my networking groups I do feel there is a difference in the Trustegrity group.

To name a few: first, it allows me to network in an environment that is more suited towards the growth of my business.  Many times we find ourselves in groups that can connect people yes, but never a consistent flow of contacts that are more aligned with your particular business. Trustegrity does this for my Corporate Wellness business! It also allows me to reciprocate the connections because of our commonalities!

 Second, the time, quality not quantity! Being a business owner comes with all the responsibilities, of profits/ losses/ accounts/ payroll and employment/ marketing and the list goes on, however, networking and building relationships often take a long time.  I have found that I spend more quality time with people in this group twice a month than I would If I saw them 4-6 times a month.  We meet twice a month, once as a group then the next as a very small group, we spend about a total of 4 hours each month, maybe a bit more but we do it in a much more time-efficient manner for our businesses, that being said we all understand the importance and the substance that is discussed and what that all means when we sit down with each other.  We get the very most of our time and the quality of networking is much higher than others that I have experienced in the past. Frequency in a meeting doesn’t always mean quality time Is being invested.  I would recommend that everyone try out groups to see what is a fit for them, and I would recommend this group to anyone who can relate to what I have mentioned!


Jenny Heafey

Insurance, Health Benefits Group

“I joined Trustegrity about 6 months ago.  I enjoy the meeting format with a new topic shared by the group each month.  This allows an opportunity to get to know each other on multiple levels.  The business power meetings are also a great idea.  I would recommend this group to anyone growing a small to medium business.”

Cathy Jones

Real Estate, Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

Trustegrity has allowed me to deepen relationships with past acquaintances and develop new contacts across a broad range of professional disciplines. The monthly meetings offer a great introductory platform and provide for some unique and interesting roundtable discussions.  The more intimate Power Meetings allow for a greater understanding of members’ specific products or services, and that goes a long way in raising the comfort level for providing referrals. The relationships that I’ve been able to develop through Trustegrity’s various meeting platforms have enabled me to expand my centers of influence at a much greater pace and on a higher level than I’ve experienced with other so-called “networking” groups.


Donald R. Parker

Valuation Consultants, Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc.

I have been a member of Trustegrity for over a year. I signed up at my first meeting because I saw there was a higher level of members than most networking groups I had attended and belonged to. The companies I was looking to network with were like Met Life, which was our host, and other businesses that have several employees.

Groups like BNI and Le Tip have a lot of sole proprietors and multi-level marketing businesses as their members. I act as a consulting CFO, as well as prepare tax returns and provide other CPA services, so I was looking for a group that would provide me with CFO opportunities in addition to tax preparation. I am not saying anything negative about these other groups, as I have secured clients and referrals from them. I am only saying Trustegrity more met the demographic I was currently looking for.

Also, I liked the Trustegrity format of meeting once a month, instead of weekly. Plus our Power Meetings allow me to get to know the business owners on a deeper level. I like to have a one-on-one with someone before I connect with them on LinkedIn and before I refer them business – My reputation is on the line. These power meetings are right in line with my networking philosophy.


Gina Bongiovi

Law, Bongiovi Law Firm

I have been a part of other networking groups, but this was the first time it felt different. It was the caliber of conversations between members, the openness of business topics to be discussed and the professionals represented in the room made this a pretty easy decision to join.  The key aspect is you have to be invited by a member who already knows, likes, and trusts you as a business professional. This is a very exclusive group of individuals and I am already seeing quality introductions from the members.



John P Tokar

Financial Advisor, Metrepolitan Life Insurance Company

I enjoy the format of the Trustegrity meetings, specifically the roundtable discussion, and setting up a subsequent meeting with multiple members.  Doing so allows me to get to know more members on a deeper level more quickly than I would if it involved one-on-one meetings.

Eugene Maresh

Targeted Promotional Solustions, Say it With Style

I was invited to attend the Carmel Valley Trustegrity meeting, I was not sure exactly what to expect. To my delight and surprise, it has been a very rewarding group of wonderful like-minded business professionals. I love the format and the fact that it is not all about handing out business cards. Rather, it is delving deeper and developing richer relationships with fellow members. It is great that each month, we each get to speak and do breakout sessions on interesting topics – relevant to our entire business outlook no matter the field you specialize in. Reconnect Power Groups are great too! This is the first organization that I have been involved with that takes the networking a step further. Each month we are teamed up with one or two more members and it is suggested that we meet for breakfast or lunch. Again, a great opportunity to really learn more about each individual in our group. I am a new member and have already recommended Trustegrity to several people!

Mary Beth Kellee - Concierge, Full-Service Real Estate Professional

Realtor "Dream Maker", Coldwell Banker West

 As many of us have done, I joined Trustegrity originally to network with other professional leaders in different fields to build relationships, to offer my services to them and their clients, while having a resource to refer my clients. What I have found has been much greater and perhaps more valuable. I found that the relationships we build go well beyond a referral, they go to how we can run a better business, exchanges of experiences and ideas as well as be a better leader not only within our organization but in the business community as a whole.

Reuven I. Rubison

Accounting, CFO For Hire

When I arrived at my first meeting, I immediately felt the professional vibe that I’m always looking for, and rarely find in other groups. Each and every person was dressed up, wearing a suit, or at least a tie. That was the first indication that Trustegrity is built of serious people who RESPECT themselves and their peers. I respect others… I want to be respected. Seems like I’ve found what I was looking for in a networking group… Trustegrity is my new home!


Thomas Torgerson

Property and Casualty Personal Lines

Knowing the benefits and value of networking, I was drawn to attending my first meeting of Trustegrity by the title of the group, and its a mission. Unlike other professional organizations that I belong to, Trustegrity provided the opportunity to network with individuals from a variety of professional disciplines and backgrounds. I was impressed with the efficiency of the meeting agenda and the opportunity to set up power meetings with 2-3 other members in between the monthly meeting. This value resulted in my renewing membership for a second year.


Beits Livneh


“I had been a 2 year member of a widely-focused national networking group that saw its members come and go at a rapid pace. The experience wasn’t entirely negative.  However, I felt the need to be part of a more professionally focused, truly collaborative, higher net-worth clientele platform that would better fit my business activities.  Further, I also didn’t aspire to be bogged down with weekly meetings, numerous mandatory activities and I wished to pay a reasonable membership fee commensurate with the market. Maybe most importantly, I needed to feel that I and everyone else in the group would be a viable resource for each other’s businesses.

I found everything I was looking for at Trustegrity. In fact, I loved the platform so much that I became the group chair for my group.”

Paul Andrews

Director, Cook Commercial Partners

Are you of the mindset that you see the value and like building deep professional relationships, then look no further.  Trustegrity is the one professional group that you are going to want to experience and be a part of.  Executives, professionals, trusted advisors, Business Owners, and Key decision-makers.  If these are the titles of the people that you interact with day to day then Trustegrity is a clear choice.

Pello Walker

President, Daily Graphics, Inc.

I have been a member of multiple networking groups over the past 10 years and the caliber of members/guests in Trustegrity were hands down better than I had seen before. I didn’t know what to expect at first when I was invited by an attorney but was pleasantly surprised. Since the group that I visited didn’t have a spot for me, I waited 8 months and helped to get a new chapter up and running. I have enjoyed getting to know the members and looking to keep growing!


Joe Laux

Wealth Management

“The Trustegrity format is a refreshing alternative to upper-end sophisticated networking.   Instead of the non-stop referral race, members have a chance to listen to creative and proven solutions to complex and advanced business topics pre-selected by the group chairperson.  Every meeting I’ve attended, I’ve walked away with a different perspective on a particular topic. Very thought-provoking.”


Thomas Beyer

Consulting, Beyer Management Consulting, Inc

“My experience with Networking Groups has not given me high expectations…. however with Trustegrity and its High caliber members I have met so far since it’s inception….give me both great referral resources and a chance to meet likeminded professionals I would have never had the opportunity  to!”


Marvin Cantor

Insurance, Alpine Insurance

I am a member of the Walnut Creek CA group and joined immediately after my first meeting. I also brought two of my close friends into the group. The Trustegrity group is definitely worth the time and investment. I am a Business Performance Advisor and always looking for other B2B professionals. This is a great group for me and my company. The members are professional, engaging, and, fun. The format of the meetings works very well and I am never bored. I highly recommend Trustegrity to other professionals.


Alex Gilmette

Performance Advisor, PEOPLEASE

I have enjoyed meeting other professionals who are at the top of their professions.  The meetings are an opportunity not only to share what each professional does but also an opportunity to share ideas and useful topics.  Recent discussions have included how to attract clients, how to keep clients, and how to address challenges that each of us faces in our professions.  The people who attend the meetings are generous with their suggestions. and I have garnered a great deal of useful information that I plan to use in my own business.  I have also enjoyed the one on one power meetings with the professionals involved in the group.  Through those meetings, I have met some extraordinary individuals.

Deepak Shroff

Integra IT Soulotions, LLC