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Make Your Relationships Last

Meeting new people is just the start of building relationships. Laying the foundation for mutual benefits doesn’t matter if you don’t put in the effort to follow-up. Here are some important steps to ensure that the work you put in will payoff.

Make time to follow-up.We all know how important this is. Relationships require effort on your part. Make time the next day to send a follow-up email. Send a LinkedIn Request. Inviting someone to connect on LinkedIn gives you a platform to easily stay connected (and stay on that other person’s radar).

Be appropriately personal in your follow-up.If you’ve had a good conversation with a first introduction, make sure your follow-up messages are personalized. Take some notes on your phone immediately so that you can return to those tidbits when reconnecting. This demonstrates that you’ve really listened to them, and that you cared to remember.

Focus on mutual benefits.Everyone hopes to gain something out of relationships. Those who are most successful put their own interests aside and instead focus on how they can use their skills and knowledge to serve others. Your follow-up message is a great place to start, even if it just means passing along an article you thought they’d find helpful or interesting.

Build and grow.Too many people establish initial connections and then let those relationships flounder. Consider making a reminder to yourself when you should pop back into that person’s inbox again. This will help you set the stage for a continued relationship, rather than just a one-time interaction.

Small steps. Big results. Lasting relationships help everyone grow.

Keith  Rathbun

We are delighted to feature our friend Maile Collmer in this month’s Trustegrity Member Spotlight. The story of her career is a case study on the power of developing strong relationships. And while her work today as a business relationship coach is all about helping others connect and grow, she wasn’t always the outgoing bundle of energy who now attracts like-minded people to her. Maile is originally from the great state of Hawaii, and she moved with her family to the mainland during her elementary school years. With predictable uncertainty in her new surroundings, she immersed herself into joining groups and clubs to make new friends. Along the way, she became involved in competitive dance, which took her to performances across the nation and also into Canada. Fast-forward to college graduation and her next steps, Maile embarked upon a career in residential real estate sales. Learning the time-tested skills of cold-calling and door-knocking, she began to understand that solid relationships would be the key to distinguish her in a very competitive industry. With that understanding combined with her experience from many years prior with her dance teams, she focused on developing relationships to drive growth, which resulted in her rising to be in the top 5% of real estate agents in the Bay Area. She eventually pivoted her career to Asentiv, and now helps entrepreneurs with coaching, consulting, and marketing strategies.

Maile enjoys being an active co-chair of the East Bay II Walnut Creek Group, and remarks that Trustegrity is unique by focusing on attracting experienced, senior-level members. She offers that members are truly trusted advisors, and she enjoys the open group discussions that allow participants to help one another. And like the basis of our organization's name, she considers her group and all members to be people that she can trust and who also are people of the highest integrity. We feel that way about Maile as well!


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