Our Story


High Achievers® was founded in 1998. When the company started, it was based on the principle of helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement. Over the years, the team of High Achievers has worked tirelessly to find new and inventive ways to help our clients take their company and their personal life to the next level. We have helped our clients through business consulting, seminars, training, business coaching, and referral marketing for two decades, but we wanted to do more to change the world of small business ownership.

In 2016 everything changed for the company. David, our current CEO, purchased the company because he loved the brand and what it stood for. We were dedicated to the idea that we wanted to help small business owners by coming along beside them and, step by step, helping them find ways to build better business skills, benefit from peer-to-peer wisdom, and ultimately get precisely the right business coaching at the right time.

David and Kimberly put together a small team and began building our software platform called My Achievement Dashboard, Designing the Coaching Program and software, piloting our programs, and developing our franchise system.
High Achievers Holdings acquired Trustegrity in 2019. Trustegrity started in 2012 and has expanded to eight states throughout the country. We started because we believed there was a better and more efficient way to connect, confide, and collaborate with business people. We believe that when business people receive the right connections in the right strategic advice that anything is possible.

Our combined team comprises over 75 experienced leaders, business coaches, partners, franchisees, regional directors, group chairs, and over 30,000 members across the globe.

Trustegrity will continue building elite professional communities of trusted advisors. These communities will help local business owners and business advisors with higher-level connections, knowledge-sharing, and meaningful relationships. Join us to connect, confide, and collaborate with trusted advisors. Visit Now!

High Achievers will continue to provide the perfect business strategies and the right advice through our full-day mastermind groups and coaching programs for entrepreneurs. Learn More!

We are working diligently to grow these brands and help our members get more connections and the perfect advice to build the business of their dreams. We love entrepreneurship and the impact it can make in communities around the world. We have 20 coaches and consultants who are leaders in their fields standing by to help our members, work less, earn more, and have fun doing it. Ultimately, we help our members find balance through a focus on faith, family, fun, fitness, finance, and field. Meet our coaches or join our coach team, ready to go to the next level, take a free business assessment now.

Our current team has a singular focus on how we can help others build their perfect small business. Currently, we are compiling that by offering a unique franchise opportunity that is appealing to entrepreneurs who have the hustle and want to live and work at something that is lifestyle driven.
Team Trustegrity by High Achievers wants to change the world, and we do that through our vision, mission, and core values.