Welcome to Trustegrity!

Business Heros are defined by perseverance, resilience, and grit. We adapt to new ways, learn new things, and do what it takes to thrive. Most importantly, in Trustegrity, we help our fellow members do the same.

Our team is very excited that you have joined us in our mission to Ignite Passion, Inspire People, Create Profit, and Make a Social Impact. Welcome to the Trustegrity Team! Below are a few steps to start your journey.

1. Meet with your Chair, who will spend some time with you teaching you the basics of Trustegrity.

2. Build your profile, set your goals, take action, and grow. Click member log-in on Trustegrity.com.

3. Join your first RPG, Reconnect Power Group. This is a powerful relationship tool to drive collaboration.

4. Attend Member Orientation before you give your Spotlight Presentation. This program is delivered virtually on a periodic basis. You will learn how to make the most of your membership in Trustegrity. Log into our membership portal, click on Toolbox, click on my events, and register. We look forward to seeing you soon!

5. Introduce yourself to your members. Log into the TMP, Trustegrity Membership Portal, click on Trustegrity Group->Group Home, and set up an introductory call with all your group members.

Achieve More,

Trustegrity Team

From our CEO to you!

I welcome you as A Business Hero! I have discovered many incredible ideas, concepts, and skills throughout my Trustegrity and High Achievers involvement.

Here are a few things that I focus on every day to be a Business Hero.

1-The 4G’s: What is good? What is the glitch? What are you grateful for? What is your goal? Repeat daily.

2-Have brilliant mind-blowing conversations.

3-There are two kinds of people: Netflix or the next level. You are next level because you are in Trustegrity!

4-Make a care call every day to a loved one, a fellow business owner, or friend, to see how they are.

5-Set good boundaries! Implement a piece of the included puzzle every day. Family, Fitness, Field, Faith, Finance, and Fun. Take your puzzle pieces out of the box, put them face down, turn one over each day, and let that be your focus for the day.

6-I live by my “why” every day. My “why” is dream because I help leaders achieve their dreams. Your Trustegrity name tag has your  your “why” so you can share it with everyone.

7-Journaling is the key to success. Use your Trustegrity Gratitude Journal to highlight the great things in your life. If a member did something you are grateful for, tag that member within the Trustegrity Membership Portal (TMP).

My wife, Kimberly, says, “You steer where you stare!” I encourage you to stare boldly in the direction you want to go. Work diligently toward your goals, create an action plan, and live ambitiously. Let’s make this first year of your membership a tremendous success.

Achieve More,

David Alexander, Global Connector & CEO Trustegrity

Trustegrity® by High Achievers® 2022