Your Ideas Are Worthless – Your Execution Is Gold

“Action is the foundational key to success” Pablo Picasso  

Not another great idea, please. The world is full of big ideas, yet most ideas will never amount to anything. The real key to success is execution and execution-only happens with action! If you think about some of the biggest success stories in business, you know that what really differentiates companies from their competitors is their execution. Google wasn’t the first search engine, Facebook wasn’t the first social network. Do you remember Google + or My Space? Apple and Spotify were not the first companies offering a music download service. They all managed to offer something already out there in new and creative ways.

While ideas are easy, developing a winning execution strategy is as difficult as learning to ride a bicycle with your eyes closed. A great tool to use to begin planning your execution is the Trustegrity Membership Portal. Take your idea, and enter it as a goal, then start creating action items and connect them to the goal. This is a simple strategy that will have you start taking action on your ideas. Sometimes this is the hardest part. As a trusted advisor or a professional service firm, execution is about providing service in a way that is creative, refreshing, and new. 

  • Can you provide service in a way that stands out? If not, you risk getting lost. 
  • Can you develop a strategy or process that is better than your competitors?

Coming up with a winning strategy is one of the hardest tasks you will face, so don’t try to do it alone. Reach out to people you know who are strategic and creative. Anyone you trust and respect could be on your team. Set up a meeting outside of your office, somewhere fun, to help you and your team to think differently about execution.  Ask your Trustegrity Chair if you can have dome time in our interactive roundtable discussion to share your strategic ideas.  The feedback from your group will be profound.

Be one of the few who turn ideas into reality and crush the competition. Executing like the best requires patience, determination, and hard work. Your challenge is beyond your idea it’s taking the action to make it happen.  

Keep thinking and innovating,

David Alexander and the Trustegrity Team

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