The Lifestyle of Achievement Summit


We look forward to seeing you at The LOAS 2024 in








A special invitation-only event. You will create magical connections with successful leaders just like you. Join us for your next big idea! You will learn the secrets of how you can Embrace a Lifestyle of Achievement and live a lifestyle with few experiences. # LOAS2024

This event ONLY for Trustegrity Members, Group Chairs, Regional Connectors, and Franchisees.

***Book your hotel stay at Barnsley Resort via their website: Link will be posted in early Jan 2024***

Venue: Barnsley Resort, 597 Barnsley Gardens Road, Adairsville, GA 30103

Day 1: Tuesday, November 12th: 9 am to 4 pm Eastern- LOAGS Day 1
Day 2: Wednesday, November 13th: 9 am to 4 pm Eastern- LOAGS Day 2

Members: $700.00***

***The price of $250.00 until Tuesday, December 31st, 2023.***

We believe that a small, intimate group has the most impact. We will limit the conference attendees to 55 for 2024.

All presenters will practice our ABEL training philosophy: Action-Based Experiential Learning. We do not believe in long, boring seminars; learning comes from doing. This will be an experience like none you have experienced before. Every topic will be taught with an activity.

We will focus on creating a life plan focused on your 6 F’s.

Family, Fitness, Finances, Fun, Field (Career), and Faith

You will be active, engaged, encouraged, and inspired by our experts and participants in these incredibly significant areas. You will also develop minimum standards and an action plan to create breakthrough moments for your personal and professional life.

No refunds on conference registration.